What types of vehicles are included in the program?

DC Fleet Share offers three different types of vehicles: sedans, small pick-up trucks and mini-vans.

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Where are the vehicles located?

The program currently has vehicles at the following different locations around the city:

  • 441 4th Street
  • 2000 14th St NW (Reeves Center)
  • 64 New York Ave (Peoples Building)
  • 1725 15th Street NE (Fleet Campus)
  • 899 North Capitol St NE
  • 645 H Street NE
  • 4058 Minnesota Ave NE
  • 55 M St SE
  • 1200 First St NE

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How do I get the keys?

You don't have to go anywhere to get them. They'll be waiting for you inside the vehicle on a retractable cord attached to the dashboard. Remember, your vehicle access card gives you and ONLY you access to the vehicle when it's your turn to drive. It unlocks and locks the doors and ignition, which allows us to leave the keys right inside the vehicle.

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How do I get into the vehicle?

When you join, you are issued a vehicle access card. (It's about the shape and size of a credit card.) This card has a unique number, assigned to you. When you reserve a vehicle, that vehicle is expecting you and ONLY you (and your vehicle access card) at the time of your reservation. When you get to the vehicle, just hold your vehicle access card above the card reader. The locks pop open, and you're in.

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Who pays for usage?

DC Fleet Share costs are allocated to departments and administrations on the basis of usage. In this way DC government organizations are responsible only for their own usage of the shared vehicles.

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What happens if I get a parking ticket or other violation?

Tickets and citations that are issued to a vehicle while you are operating it are processed in the following way:

  1. If it is a parking ticket, you,the operator, are responsible for taking it off the vehicle and paying or disputing it as if you are a citizen.
  2. Tickets and citations that come to FMA via mail are researched to find out which agency was operating the vehicle and then the ticket or citation is delivered to that agency's Vehicle Coordinator for processing.
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Can I smoke in the vehicle?

Smoking is not allowed in the DC Fleet Share vehicles.

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Can multiple authorized drivers drive during the same vehicle while it is reserved under my name?

Yes. If there are multiple DC Fleet Share approved employees going on a trip together, any of them may drive the vehicle regardless of who has it reserved. However, keep in mind, only the reserving employee's card will work to open and close the vehicle during the reservation and the reservation will be attributed to that employee's department.

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Can someone who is not an authorized driver drive a vehicle?

No. Anyone behind the wheel must be a DC government employee approved for participation in the Fleet Share program for obvious liability reasons. You can go through your department Fleet Coordinator to gain approval for the Fleet Share program. If you let someone drive who is not a qualified DC employee, your participation in the program could be terminated.

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